Your Perfect Graduation Party

Published May 10, 2016    

Someone say Party?? Graduation Party?


Once the graduation ceremony is over, and the grad cap and gown are no longer needed, and the diploma is either in hand or soon to be mailed, it’s time to celebrate! Woot!

It’s best to make party plans ahead since there’s a lot to consider.

Questions to ask yourself as you prepare for the graduation party..

  1. When do I have the graduation party?
  2. Where do I want to have the party?
  3. Guest list – How many guests do I invite and who?
  4. How do I invite friends/relatives?
  5. Weather – What if it rains?
  6. Food – What to have?
  7. Graduation theme – Do I need it?


  1. When to have the party…The party doesn’t have to be right after the graduation ceremony. It could be any time that works for you and your guests.
  1. Where to have the party…Well that’s obvious… Quebec Place at Fairmount. The new Quebec Place Event Center is designed to host celebrations of all types including weddings, anniversary parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays and more, like your graduation party.
  1. Who’s coming to the party…Of course school friends and family! You may also want to invite teachers or not depending on what terms you left on. Maybe even family friends. Or friends from your church or synagogue. The number of guests has an impact on the party including the amount of food needed. Keep in mind if you can accommodate them all. Our newly remodeled event space can accommodate 50-200 guests.
  2. How to get the word out…People still send out invitations via the U.S. Postal Service. For instance, pear tree shows some nice choices. Another idea includes making your own invitations and/or personally hand them out to friends. suggested making little “high school diploma” invitations. Is it socially acceptable to invite people to a graduation party on Facebook? Yes, it’s being done – and there are “how to” sites including eHow’s How to Plan an Event on
  1. Food…

Quebec Place at Fairmount can help you with all your catering needs for the party. At The Q at Fairmount, you have a lot of options for catering, because you can pick any licensed and insured catering company of your choice. A few of our favorites include Rocky Mountain Catering and Colorado Catering Company.

Some other goodies:

Jelly Belly jelly beans in your school colors

Personalized M&M’s – “Congrats” or “You Did It!”

  1. Decorations/Theme…

(Being environmentally aware may veer you in the direction for a 100% recycled wood diploma frame).

Party themes from include: luau, patriotic, fiesta, western, Mardi Gras, casino, Hollywood, decades, music, sports, TV, movies, spring, summer, fall…

From 17 Magazine, there was a suggestion of having your guests wear clothing from the college they are attending.

The Quebec Place at Fairmount is here to help with the entire process, making your special day one to be remembered, celebrated and full of joy. Become part of Fairmount’s 120 year history- call today and schedule a tour of our newly remodeled space and talk to our event coordinators at 303-993-0880.

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