Traditional Wedding Anniversary Celebration Themes by Year

Published February 24, 2016    

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Themes by Milestone Years

Celebrating a big anniversary? There are traditional themes that match and we wanted to cover those and give some creative spins on ways to celebrate them. Some people choose to renew their vows in conjunction with the big days, while others celebrate intimately. However you decide to honor and celebrate your marriage, we congratulate you on your anniversary milestone!

Your first wedding anniversary

Congrats! A traditional gift involves paper. This can be stationary, possibly monogrammed. Traditionally, the top tier of the wedding cake that was frozen for the year is not removed and enjoyed by the couple to celebrate their first year.

A fun way to celebrate this anniversary may be to incorporate traditional paper with the more modern gifts. Most ideas we saw used art in some way, from eco-conscious paper jewelry to poems, love notes and crafts.

5th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional 5th wedding anniversary gifts include wood. Wooden carvings, wood vases and jewelry boxes tend to be the gifts given to fit this theme. For a more romantic twist on the wood theme, consider a hike in the woods or a fireside evening alone.

10th Wedding Anniversary

Tin is the traditional gift for the 10th anniversary. It is typically celebrated with the more modern diamond, however. Pewter jewelry or sculptures are one way to incorporate this theme into your anniversary. Another creative way is combine the two by offering a diamond necklace or tennis bracelet in a tin or pewter box, or taking tin outside the box and flying in an airplane (tin looking) to a destination for a second honeymoon.

15th Wedding Anniversary

A traditional 15th anniversary gift is crystal. Modern interpretations of this gift include giving glass art, Swarovski crystal jewelry, or engraved crystal pieces.

Engraved crystal can include names or wedding dates and be anything from wine chalets to candlesticks. The beauty of crystal and the multifaceted nature are meant to reflect what the last 15 years have brought to your relationship. Enjoy a reflection and appreciation of each other!

20th Wedding Anniversary

Platinum! Two decades is worth a celebration typically honored with platinum or china. Ideas to celebrate include platinum jewelry or new china pieces. Other ideas include having a personal chef come in and cook a special dinner for you and your spouse, using your china.

Anniversary parties are big for 20th wedding anniversaries and are a great way to get family and friends together to celebrate the fruits of the last 20 years of your relationship.

25th Wedding Anniversary

Silver! This is the silver anniversary and is celebrated with… well, silver! Again, jewelry is always a go to gift, but what about a silver themed party? This is a time to celebrate memories, so consider a party with photo albums, music themed from when you got married and decorations to match? Maybe it would be a good time to renew your vows for another 25 years of loving commitment that says you would do it all over again.

30th Wedding Anniversary

Pearls are the traditional anniversary gift for your 30th anniversary. Consider oysters as an appetizer before presenting a pearl pendant necklace or sneak away on a trip to a pearl farm, like ones in Broome, Australia or Tennessee.

35th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional gifts for 35th wedding anniversaries incorporate coral. Going with a nautical theme seems to be the trend with this anniversary. From cruise vacations to seafood dinners and coral jewelry, the ideas are nearly endless. Take a picture of your night and put it in a coral frame to enjoy for the next decade and more.

40th Wedding Anniversary

Ruby. Red. Love. Passion. What ignites your passion? A night dancing? A candlelit dinner? Red wine and red roses? Consider ways to add red hot rubies to your anniversary and it will be a hit.

45th Wedding Anniversary

Sapphires make up the perfect 45th anniversary gift. Rich dark blue shades add elegance to any gift from vases to jewelry and decor. Vintage themes tend to work well with sapphires, as does incorporating jazz and blues music. Get retro and swing your way to the next big milestone!

50th Wedding Anniversary

It’s Party Time! A 50th wedding anniversary is certainly a reason to celebrate! The best part? You don’t have to do it on your own. Ask children, family and friends to take over the event, and your role? Create the invite list and sit back and enjoy! Traditional gifts for your 50th anniversary involve GOLD.

Gold accents, glitter, gold jewelry, golden gifts… these are on trend this year and are perfect for celebrations of your 50 years of marriage. Create a memory book with the help of your family to create a keepsake.

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