Thinking outside the box for your Denver baby shower theme.

Published March 9, 2016    

You want your baby shower to be as unique as your baby is going to be.  Think outside the box of what you used to be the “normal” baby shower given to the soon to be moms.  The classic baby shower theme that’s been going on for years has changed.  The sky’s the limit, what kind of theme have you thought about?

Perhaps you already know the gender of your new bundle of joy and want a colored theme shower.  Will the guests all have to dress up in pink or blue based on little baby boy Bennett or baby girl Gwen?  

Maybe you’re into the western flare and want a cowboy/cowgirl theme shower where everyone has to come dressed up in western garb.  Throw on some cowgirl boots and dig into some tasty BBQ.

There’s always the option that you may want to wait to have your baby shower after the baby is born so you can introduce your new addition to your family and friends.  Give everyone a chance to go crazy just like you have over the new love of your life.

Then there’s the option to have a couples themed shower where the new dad to be joins you in the celebration.  Some dads like to feel included in the whole process and share in the excitement..  One place to browse for ideas is

Whatever theme you decide to go with for your baby shower will be one that you remember forever.  A day filled with the people you love and cherish to celebrate you and your new bundle of love.

The Q at Fairmount is here to help make your special day one to be remembered, celebrated and full of joy. Call 303.993.0880 to schedule a tour of our newly remodeled space. Become part of Fairmount’s 125 year history!

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