Steps in Planning an Event: 5 things to consider when looking for a venue

Planning an event can be overwhelming. We'd like to guide you; we have been in the business for years. Plus, we love celebrations!

Steps in Planning an Event: 5 things to consider when looking for a venue

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Event planning can become a nightmare if we are not careful. The 'Where can I host my party?' can change the whole meaning of our event. When finding the perfect place, there are many things to consider: location, the flexibility of the space, and amenities... It can get hectic and endless! And let's not even start with the prices. The search could take months.


But suppose you have already decided to rent a venue for events instead of doing it at home. In that case, these are the top five recommendations to keep in mind, according to our experience:


1. Look for a space with a clean style, it will be your blank canvas! 


When deciding what venue is the best for us, considering a blank space can be better if we want to give our personal touch to our event. Playing with color, decorations, and themes can provide a new sense of our desired aesthetics. Especially if we are planning a wedding, anniversary, or birthday party. The possibilities of going authentic and giving that event a unique vibe and look are endless. A clean space will provide, at the same time, a touch of elegance regardless of the type of event and theme. We need to search for a venue with the facilities, looks, and appliances required to offer our guests that immersive experience. 


2. Prefer flexible spaces that can be multipurpose.


Let's keep in mind that a clean space does not mean boring. We must consider a place that allows flexibility without risking the site's beauty. It should be a place that can make us feel comfortable, secure, and impressed. Also, it should feel welcoming to celebrate a baby shower, a Valentine's Day party, a corporate meeting, or a wedding, among many other events. It should make us feel at home but, at the same, provide a new experience for us and our family and friends. 


3. Ask about accessibility, appliances, and amenities.


One non-negotiable thing is to grant easy access to the venue. One of the first things we look for when we receive an invitation to an event is its location. The common questions are: 'Is it close to more significant avenues? Is there available public transportation? For how long will I have to drive?'. All these factors can impact the decision of our guests. There is a high possibility that they will miss our event simply because the location and accessibility are not a good fit for them. And it is totally understandable! The same could happen if our place needs to offer proper amenities and appliances. Hosting an event is to provide an incredible experience and share meaningful moments together. However, we also grant comfort and safety. which are significant when health and climate change worldwide. 




4. Get to know the Management and Staff. It's vital!


It is always helpful having someone who actually cares and understands our needs. Even if it is the same category, every event is different and will need experts' assistance. One hack here is looking for an event venue managed by experts in the events industry. Teams with experience will grant you more effortless and fast solutions in case of any inconveniences. At the same time, we need someone who can help us map the event and give us honest suggestions about our event and its possibilities to become a reality. We need to look for a caring staff who can handle our requests, and that can be clear when discussing resources, time, and budgets.


5. Check out for extra fees and make sure it's budget-friendly.


Naturally, the budget plays a fundamental role when searching for a venue. Although most event centers or venues have packages or specific fees for particular events, having a budget can help us define our strategy. It will often depend on how many guests we want to receive and the luxury level of the venue. As well as our event category: a baby shower and a wedding can have the same budget, but the outcome will be completely different. Being organized is vital here. We need to consider the following to start with: 


  • If the place we are hiring has flexible fees.
  • If they offer catering and free parking. 
  • If the amenities entitle extra costs.   
  • If the contract has clauses, we should be aware of [such as cancellation policies]. 
  • If incidentals are included, and even if the coaching session with the event planners is included in the price. 


Finding a venue for an event: Talk to our experts and book a date.


Understanding the business model of an event center is crucial to set a budget and a plan for any event. Not only because we are investing time, resources, and money in it but also because it is our event. We should feel excitement and relief knowing that we are in the right hands. Feeling secure and trust to the venue and its staff will change the whole experience.


We have many years in the business and rely on our expertise and management style to provide our clients with the most comfortable, affordable, and stress-free experience. Planning an event must be a dreamy occasion full of great expectations. Let us help you create the event of your dreams by booking a visit with us.










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