Six Tips for Throwing a Phenomenal Anniversary Party

Published February 27, 2016    

Whether your first or 50th wedding anniversary or anywhere in between, the celebration of your vows and commitment to each other is wonderful! Remember the qualities of your love, your partner, and your devotion with an anniversary party. As intimate or as large as you want, your anniversary is a day for you to reminisce as well as dream. Here are 6 tips for making your anniversary party a phenomenal one!


You likely can request your children be in charge of certain milestone anniversaries, but if not, begin to recruit help from family, friends or even a professional planner. It is a day to celebrate the affection of you and your spouse as well as the legacy you have created together. Relax and enjoy it.


Set a date at least a few months out, longer if people will need to travel to attend. Begin sending invitations, either electronically or traditionally, like you would in a wedding. Matching the patterns, style or feel from the time of your original wedding could be fun, or you can take on an entirely new look that represents more of what life is like for you now.

Consider how large your budget is as this will likely guide your guest list. The larger the list, the more prep, and potentially more expense that will go into the event. Save money by asking for help in creating invitations, making and bringing food and even providing favors. Be sure to incorporate traditional anniversary themes into the design to create a coherent (and easier) design plan.

Choose a Venue

Reserve space early that is able to accommodate your guest list. This is an important beginning step as they may have vendors to suggest, rules about how the space is used and ideas for set up that can be very helpful to you. They may also be able to offer additional services and manage those so you don’t have to.

Consider location as well to allow for easy access for mobility impairment and other nearby amenities for visiting guests.

Plan catering needs

Whether or not you are meeting at a restaurant, you will need to plan a menu or menu options for the event. Take into consideration whether a buffet will work or if plated food is better for the attendees. Also think about your budget and who is financially responsible for food, bar and beverage options.

If you are doing a home style potluck, have guests tell you (or another organizer) what they will be bringing so you can fill in any holes by requesting certain items. Let guests know what will be provided, such as napkins, plates, etc.

Of course, dessert is a fun, festive item to have at any party, so consider if you will be doing a wedding cake or other type of celebratory dessert, such as cupcakes.

Decide on a theme and assign a decorator

The theme can match the anniversary, the original wedding, the favorite color(s) of the couple, the place they met or honeymooned, or more. Have fun with the theme and recruit help in making the decor and party elements coordinate.

Along with the theme, consider music, photos, table decorations, favors and entertainment pieces such as photo booths or memory journals. If it makes sense, use the outdoors as well, including lighting, signs and memory tables.

Tributes, Toasts and Gifts

Assign people to offer tribute speeches or toasts. A slideshow, scrapbook or photo collage are popular to honor the couple in a heartfelt way. Be sure to have a photographer to capture images from the day, including family members and friends who have traveled to be there. Multi-generational photos are likely to happen at these types of events as well, so be sure to plan those.

Gifts, if they are given, should be put on a separate table and opened later. Be sure guests know whether or not gifts are appropriate and offer a charity for giving for those who want a way to offer something.

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