Pros to Hiring an Event Planner

Published December 12, 2016    

Should I hire an Event Planner?

Ask yourself:  Is your time more valuable than your sanity? I know we’ve all had that question come to mind at least once in our life, and often in hindsight. We can look back at an event and take joy and pride in the accomplishment, but at the same time be relieved it is over.

We’ve told you how to be more organized when putting a function together, is there a way to make it even easier on yourself? Whether the event is personal or work related, the main objective is doing it right. Planning a wedding, anniversary, birthday bash or seminar, it always comes down to the details.

Some would say being hands-on is very important to them. However, what if the thought of putting one more task on your list gives you images of being strapped to a bicycle in a perpetual spin class? It’s exhausting.

If your boss comes up with the great idea of putting together an off-site, employee workshop the first things you want to convey are support and excitement – not overwhelm. Or it’s your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. You know the responsibilities will fall on your shoulders and you want to give 100%. Can you? Are there other things that have to take priority to keep your department or home running smoothly? Of course, there are.

Being innovative by nature and wanting to sleep at night, you begin to investigate your options.

Pros to Hiring an Event Planner

Peace of mind

A certified event planner knows what makes up a good event. Better yet, they know what questions to ask to get the full picture of your agenda. After getting the particulars of what you want, a seasoned event planning specialist will take the reins and give you peace of mind.


Spending the budget wisely is important for any host. An event planner will guide you in selection of venue, caterer, florist, photographer, time of day or year so you can get your money working optimally.  A professional can guide, offer suggestions and negotiate costs on your behalf so your money goes further.


Manages All The Details

The devil’s in the details, and you can’t afford to let those little devils drive you nuts or be forgotten. The appropriate number of staff, the room set-up, displays, décor and out of town guest arrangements are just a few of the details that must be attended to before your event commences. Coordinating the details can be overwhelming and even mind-boggling, so let your event planner know who, what and where then you kick back with a glass of Merlot.

Monitoring Event Activities

During the actual time of the gathering, you’ll want to be a participant, not the fussbudget that has to keep a moment by moment eye on the minutiae. Your event planner will be ever vigilant synchronizing with on-site staff. If you notice something amiss, let your planner know and he or she will take care of it while you can stick with the more pleasurable activities at hand.


Provides Trust

When the bills are submitted, your event coordinator will review them. Trusting that all is in order, you can count on an appointed party to keep close tabs on the bottom line. Having all go well and knowing that with the help of a proficient event planner means you can rest assured your best interests at the heart of the matter.

Quebec Place at Fairmont is designed to make your next personal or corporate event a success.  With in-house professional Event Planners, you can count on the finest quality service from the first phone call to the last accolade for a job well done.  To schedule a tour, contact us by calling 303-993-0880.

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