Published March 2, 2016    

As the leading venue for birthday, wedding, and anniversary events in the Denver area,  we at Quebec Place love to share our favorite recommendations for service providers. Frequently, our clients ask us, “Who would make a great band for my party?”

Well, relax for a moment. Let your eyelids drift closed. Center yourself in your breathing and let your mind drift as we tick off some names to consider . . .

Duran DuranBilly IdolPrince. Rick Springfield. Van Halen. Bryan Adams. The Human League.

If reading these names brought a skip to your pulse and called up memories of high school and college, you’re probably part of Generation X. And you probably love ‘80s music.

These bands, of course, don’t exist anymore. Lucky for us, there’s the 6 Million Dollar Band!

It’s no secret that music defines where we were at any given point in our lives. The ‘50s had Doo Wop, pop, blues, and swing. The ‘60s had the British Invasion, surf rock, folk rock, and psychedelia. The ‘70s had Southern Rock, Arena Rock, and Heavy Metal.

And the ‘80s? You know what the ‘80s were like.

The birth of alternative rock. The eruption of hair bands, glam bands, synth bands, and funk. Don’t try to deny it: you love electronica. You practically swoon when you’re driving to work and the radio plays The Cure, or Flock of Seagulls. It’s practically a religious experience when you’re on the phone with your cable company, they put you on hold, and you hear “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell  or “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard.

We get it. We’re with you. We’ve been there, too. Which is why we love, love, love the 6 Million Dollar Band!

6MDB offers the ultimate party for people who love ‘80s music. You could call them a cover band, but that would completely miss the point. Any event where 6MDB plays is less like a concert or dance, more like a communal time machine where the Way Back lever gets set to exactly where you want to go: an era of mullets, pegged pants, jelly bracelets, and headbands. A time when parachute pants were the rage and people rocked air guitars as a sport.

You like big hair. Come on now. Admit it. There’s something inside you that needs to hear Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, and Tears for Fears rendered live and album-perfect by some of the most talented musicians in the west.

With five keyboards complementing guitar, drums, bass, and rhythm sections, 6MDB does more than produce the classic ‘80s sounds you love, it resurrects them in all their former glory. And maybe even a little bit more.

Quebec Place at Fairmount only recommends the highest quality service providers to our customers. Which is why we have no hesitation whatsoever recommending the 6 Million Dollar Band for your upcoming wedding, anniversary, or birthday celebration. Thanks to their consummate artistry and professionalism both on and off stage, 6MDB had become one of the most sought after acts in our area for venues of any size.

Check out their website. Play their videos and free MP3s. See for yourself what you’re missing. Then reach out and book the 6 Million Dollar Band today!

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