March is Wild over the Women in History

Published March 23, 2016    

March is the beginning of Spring and what better month than to celebrate National Women’s History Month.  With spring comes the budding of flowers and everything that had been dried up and brown is beginning to bug and grow.  Just like certain women in history, they found their voices and grew stronger with each passing day.

Women’s History Month originated as a national celebration in 1981 when the President proclaimed the week beginning March 7, 1982 as “Women’s History Week.”.  In 1987 the month of March was declared as “Women’s History Month.”.

Each year the National Women’s History Project selects a theme to be shared with all who want to promote women’s history. Click here are some of the themes that have been used

The popularity of women’s history celebrations continues to spread as more people are becoming aware of the contributions of women and girls. Some of the groups promoting this interest are state historical societies, women’s organizations, and groups such as the Girl Scouts.

Eleanor Roosevelt was one woman who stands out in history.  She was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, thirty-second President of the United States. She served as First Lady from 1933 until FDR’s death in 1945. Eleanor Roosevelt played a key role in the development of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Another great woman is Jane Goodall who is known for her work with chimpanzees at Gombe Stream Reserve in Africa.  She has also worked for the conservation of chimpanzees in the wild and for better conditions for chimps in zoos and research institutions, through speaking and writing, raising funds, and through the Jane Goodall Institute.

There are so many women that have come, gone and made their positive impact on history.  The month of March is a time to celebrate each and every one of them.  Quebec Place at Fairmount is the perfect setting for celebrating a certain woman in your life that you would like to recognize with an appreciation  party, a birthday party or perhaps an anniversary of some kind.  Let the Q at Fairmount dazzle the woman in your life, call us today to take a tour.

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