History of the Birthday Party

Published March 17, 2016    

So when did the celebration of Birthdays come from?  Have you ever really thought about it?

The celebration of your birth actually comes from the Egyptians.  They believed that when the pharaohs were crowned  they were turned into God’s.  Their transition date was much more important that their actual birth date.


The Greeks added the birthday candles to the celebration.  They offered moon shaped cakes to the Lunar Goddess including lit candles along the edges to illuminate her beauty.  Just as the Egyptians were celebrating their Pharaohs, the Greeks were celebrating their Gods and Goddess.


The ancient Romans were the first to celebrate their natural birthdays but only the men, women were not included in this celebration.  Female birthdays were not celebrated until around the 12th century.


The birthday cake was invented by the Germans.  German children were given cakes and had one candle for every year they had been alive.  The candles were lit and the children were told to make a wish.


The Industrial Revolution introduced the birthday cakes in large quantities.  By this time the cakes contained sweeter ingredients that were easier and less expensive to obtain.  In the past it had been only the wealthy that were able to afford the more delicious cakes that contained sugar.


The celebration of one’s birthday is a special day to share with good friends and family. Quebec Place at Fairmount is the ideal setting for your celebration.  Give us a call and we can make your day one to put down in the record books.

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