Four Fun Ways to Renew Your Vows

Published February 25, 2016    

Are you thinking about renewing your vows?

Renewing your vows is a wonderfully memorable way to commemorate a special anniversary or to say you would do it all over again, especially after a big change you have experienced and moved through in your relationship.Celebrating your marriage certainly is a great way to acknowledge and honor each other and breathe life back into your commitment. Here are some fun ways to make it extra special.

Theme It

Your wedding may have been very formal and structured, but you have grown together and have new memories you didn’t have before. What is an interest you both share that maybe you didn’t feel like would work for a wedding? Want to renew your vows in sports gear rather than formal wear? Have a show, movie or series you are crazy about? What about dressing as the characters or in the time period represented?

Because renewing your vows isn’t binding legally more than your original wedding vows, you can choose anyone to officiate the ceremony. They can become part of the theme and create vows or a speech that are in line with it as well.

Take Off

Consider a destination vow renewal. Maybe somewhere you always wanted to visit, or the place you first met or your honeymoon location. If you didn’t have a honeymoon or the wedding you could afford when you were younger, take the time now to really make it special. And by special, we don’t mean traditional. Keep it simple or make it over the top- whatever you want or thought you missed- live it up now!

Renew your vows at home, in a rose garden, on a beach, a cruise ship or mountain top. Any place you want to take the vows will fly, as long as your participants can be there to celebrate with you. And if not, consider how you can film it and show that at a reception or party with all your guests there.

Re-create it

Laugh at the time that has passed by having a Throw Back Wedding as a vow renewal. Consider the same colors, same wedding party and same time period. Play music from the day or decade. Play with the time theme using decorations, favors and more that bring people back to those days gone by.

Keeping with the wedding tradition of “Something old, Something new”, think of new spins on the old, such as wedding cake being served as a trendy cupcake instead- same flavor, new style. Have your children walk you down the aisle rather than your parents.

Make it Family Event

Have children now? Many couples are making it a family event by including the children in the ceremony. A young daughter can wear a matching dress, you can wear matching wedding attire or you can all assist in creating the perfect event.

Make it a family bonding ceremony by having extended family participate on a larger level, including doing personal readings or toasts. Take the time to have family fill out a family tree or share recipes and snap those multi-generational shots.

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