Fast, Cheap and Good: Getting Clear on the Type of Wedding You Want

Published February 20, 2016    

The question was asked, the answer was ‘yes.’

Now what?

Planning a wedding is a wonderful experience and it can also be overwhelming. This checklist will help you with knowing the steps and stages of your wedding planning adventure that will usher you into the new life with the love of your life.

First, how simple or elaborate do you want your wedding to be? What’s your timeline? What’s your budget? These are the first few questions you want to ask.

How simple or elaborate will likely determine the timeline and expense. Afterall, the old adage says you can have things fast, cheap or good- pick two.

In a hurry

Fast and Cheap Weddings will typically require recruited help and do-it yourself projects. Your timeline is short, so begin asking for help now in order to get things in order. This type of wedding can actually still be elaborate, but details could be missed if the timeline or budget are too restrictive.

Everything in order

Fast and Good weddings won’t be cheap. You may need to sacrifice some of the things you really want because your timeline may be too aggressive. Consider if it really does need to be fast and look for areas where you can help get things done in order to meet your expectations.

Balanced Budget

Cheap and Good is a great combination as it considers a balanced timeline and budget conscious choices. It doesn’t mean you need to be cheap and offer little value, but rather it means that you have time to make the best decisions for your budget and maybe can even give you more time to save or take on projects that will help you save money.

Overall, regardless of the type of wedding, here are the main checklist components to consider:

What do you like?

Look through Bridal Magazines or search online, (we like Pinterest Bridal Ideas), to find examples of what you will be asking vendors for or what you want to create for your special day.

  • Wedding Attire (for both the couple and bridal party)
  • Flowers
  • Wedding Decor and Favors
  • Catering for Weddings
  • Wedding Venue

Consider having a notebook or folder for all your ideas, especially if you have time or are doing projects yourself.

What do you have to spend on your Denver Colorado Wedding?

Once you see what you like, begin to prioritize where your wedding budget will be spent. What is the most important? Where will you splurge and where can you save? What can you ask for help on? You can save money by considering more options in regards to:

Your Dress. Save money by shopping consignment. Be careful of online purchasing and consider the expense of alterations.

The size of your bridal party. The larger the party, the higher the expense. Consider if a best friend is enough or if you really do need your second cousin on your Mom’s side included.

The size of the wedding guest list. Again, the longer the list, the more you will spend. You can limit your spending here with good catering options, simple favors and decor.

The wedding hall. The size of your guest list will determine the size of space you need for your event. Some people will invite lots of people to the wedding, but limit the reception size in order to save money. A venue that is flexible in usage and size can help.

Your vendors. Some people, especially those newly engaged or who don’t have a ton of experience with weddings have a misconception that wedding planners are expensive. The truth is a wedding planner can be worth every dime- they can save time and money through their connections within the industry. Consider offsetting some cost and headaches by using a wedding planner. Some wedding halls offer this as a service.

Your invitations. Announcements, printing, and postage can add up. Look at options for announcements and correspondence. Some people are choosing personalized wedding websites to keep invites and guests managed and informed.

Your honeymoon. Believe it or not, you can request that guests, instead of a gift, put money into an account to pay for your honeymoon. Talk to a travel agent to have them set up all the arrangements and likely will save you money by offering insider information and advice.

The Quebec Place at Fairmount is a beautiful new wedding venue in Denver. The space was created with you in mind. Call today to schedule a tour and see if the Q is right for you and together we can create your perfect day!

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