Do you need an Event Photographer?

Published March 1, 2017    

How to Choose an Event Photographer

If you’ve ever needed an event photographer, you know how tough it can be. Obviously, this is an important task, as the photos will be one of the main things that capture not just the events, but also the emotions of the day. How will you go about it? Do you get referrals from friends or just start researching photographers in your area?

Event Photographer Referral

Referrals are great because they allow your friends who have worked with an event photographer to give you an introduction. It is like reading reviews but knowing and trusting what you read because your friend said it. Find a photographer who shares your vision, which begins with you being clear about what that is.

  • What feel do you want to capture in the event? (ie. Professional and powerful, playful, emotional)
  • Does the event photographer have experience in your type of event?
  • Ask the photographer for examples of their work that fits your vision.
  • Are they comfortable with and able to capture your event the way you’d like? (ie. moving through the crowd for candid photos, or keeping the camera on a tri-pod focused on the stage)

Although you trust your friends, you may have a different style or needs, so be investigative to determine if the photographer is a good fit. When looking at the portfolio, notice the types of feelings the images create. Look at details such as lighting (do they seem to dark or washed out), creativity, and even sharpness.

“You don’t just take a photograph, you make it.”

– Ansel Adams, pioneering American photographer

Consider Your Budget

Know your budget limits. We all want to get the best deal. We want to get the best price for the highest quality possible. You may discover that your expectations are unrealistic, so make sure you know what you want and the budget you have to work with. If you feel the event photographer really understands your vision, you many need to prioritize, remembering this person is being trusted to capture the most precious moments during the event.

To avoid any future disagreements, be sure you read and understand any contracts. If no contract exists, insist on one- the ground rules need to be laid out on paper to protect both you and the photographer. Understand what the turnaround time is for the final products, as well as what access you and/or guests will have, as well as who has the rights to images and for how long.


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