Are You Planning a Retro Wedding?

Published November 1, 2016    

Unique and memorable weddings will never go out of style, but today’s engaged couples are resurrecting some trends from the past and incorporating them into their modern day “I do’s”. We found these trends to be rather memorable. Take your personality and style and make them uniquely yours. Pulling from trends dating back as far as the 20’s, vintage and retro weddings are lavish, whether done simply or extravagantly.
Fall hats are a fun way to compliment an outfit and make a lovely addition to an already unique bridal party. As we see in current fashion, fedoras are not just for men, and can create a romantic retro experience. Derby hats and caps also add a unique style while maintaining a sleek, formal look.
Chivalry, associated with knighthood, is also being incorporated again into wedding practices. Although it should have never been deemed dead, chivalrous behaviors which match the retro décor and attire are certainly alive. Photos including those on a bended knee, laying down of a blanket to be sat on, holding an umbrella, etc., are likely to ignite the feelings of loving care of each other, making them perfect for a wedding union.
Unique Attire
In men’s wear we are seeing a return of retro styles. Pulling from fashions from the 40’s and 50’s, we are seeing mobster style mixed with romantic cool colors and extravagant fabrics.
Women are also returning to feathers, lace, and high necks, also from that time period.
Non-traditional bridal parties are a trend where members of either gender are standing beside each other and wearing whatever satisfies the feel and ambiance of the gathering. This gives permission to the engaged couple to also wear whatever feels right to them.
Vintage Décor
Muted colors, rustic accent pieces, metals and florals are all part of the distinct look of a retro wedding. Using an experienced wedding planner can help you get all the details right- and when it comes to a themed wedding, such as this, the details are critical in order to pull the wedding together as a tasteful dance rather than a thrift store sale. Choose a time period and allow all the components, from attire to imagery to décor, to work together to create a beautiful and memorable experience to celebrate your love.
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