A Wedding Planning Checklist for the Newly Engaged

Published February 26, 2016    

Congratulations! You are engaged!

Planning a wedding can be both an overwhelming and exciting task. There is so much that can go into it, but in order to know what type of wedding you really want, you need to consider what components work for you and what ones can be dismissed.

After that, then you can begin to get help from friends, family or a wedding planner. But, the first starting point is to get clear about the type of experience you want to have and that you want your guests to have.

Take a moment and journal or think about what you want your big day to look like.

Who will be there?

What do you want to wear? What do you want the wedding party to wear? Offer your guests in entertainment, favors, decor, ambiance, food, drink, memories? What is the theme?

When do you want to have your wedding?

Where do you want to have the pre-parties, wedding ceremony, reception, honeymoon?

Why are these things important to you?

Now that you have considered the big picture, let’s get to planning!

What do you need to plan for your wedding?

There are things you can do yourself and others you can’t. Use your connections and ask for recommendations or use your wedding planner. Who do you know who can be your:

  • Officiant
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Florist
  • Band or DJ
  • Caterer
  • Baker

Do you have out of town guests? If so, consider blocking rooms at a nearby hotel. Plan for gift giving by creating at least two bridal registries. Not all areas have the same stores, so look for ones that are nationwide.

Planning a honeymoon? Start shopping for where that will be and if you need a passport or immunizations. Contact a Travel Advisor to help you find the secret deals.

Looking good. Pick out wedding attire and begin any sizing measurements for the wedding party. Schedule hair and/or make-up appointments if those are needed or desired.

How to get there. If needed, plan for transportation, such as limo or horse drawn carriage.

Special Touches. Are there items you will be preparing such as memorable keepsakes, favors, a photo booth or special send off? Is there anything special you need to rent or provide such as a floral arch or balloons?

Rehearsals. Will you be having a rehearsal dinner? What is required for that? You may need to plan a menu or book a restaurant. Hold a successful rehearsal dinner by having it prepared.

Pre-parties. Holding a bachelor party, engagement party or wedding shower? Recruit some help and make it happen… here’s a hint: don’t do it the night before the wedding!

The details. Have your marriage license and wedding rings ready to go. The license can take up to a week to get, so schedule yourself enough time. Make sure the rings are sized before the big day.

What happens after. Set up a designated person to handle final payments, return of rentals and assistance with out of town guests. Have a plan in place for thank you’s, because, gratitude is only second to love.

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