A New Business Networking Venue in Denver

Published January 17, 2017    

A New Business Networking Venue in Denver

Once informal, a cocktail party, or a round of golf, or a get-together with a group over breakfast at the local diner is now formalized as business networking. Many business relationships have been forged on the 19th hole or over a glass of wine after work, but it’s a given that wherever people gather, business can and is being done.

As author and speaker, Porter Gale puts it; “Your Net Worth is Your Network”. So in the middle of exponential technological growth, people have chosen to leave their desks and meet face to face with like-minded colleagues and potential customers. Resource sharing through large and small gatherings has become the center points for businesses throughout the world.

While social media has taken a front row seat in the audience of connection, there is nothing better for business than eye to eye interaction.  Having the right business networking venue to gather is imperative and can set a unique tone. Getting to know your business neighbor as well as your competition in a relaxed atmosphere allows for comfortable introductions while business flows with less effort.

The right business networking venue

Are you constantly on the prowl to find a new and modern venue for your networking group?  Are you tired of meeting in the back of restaurants and windowless hotel conference rooms?  Have you worn out your welcome at a generous member’s office space?  Is it time to move on?

The Q, also known as Quebec Place at Fairmount can be your reliable, all around answer to that monthly dilemma.

Our event center is a perfect business networking venue offering large spaces, or smaller more intimate accommodations, with a modern feel that welcomes you and your guests as you enter our newly renovated facility. No minimum food requirements, no outside guests or tables to rearrange.

  • Centrally located and with ample free parking, we make it easy for you to host your group.
  • Audiovisual equipment and large screen monitors make presentations easy and fuss free.
  • An event coordinator is on hand to offer guidance and suggestions to make your meetings run smoothly.
  • Catering from one of our preferred vendors is available.
  • Different rooms including a central lounge give participants ample space to spread their wings and meet like-minded individuals with a common purpose, with a fresh modern feel.


Countless networking, meetup, chamber and other community groups are always looking for a reasonably priced, bright, modern, clean business networking venue that proudly represents them. The Q fits the bill.

No matter if your networking group is small, or boasts a large membership, Quebec Place at Fairmount can serve your needs with our innovative spaces and helpful staff.  Schedule a tour, give us a call at 303.993.0880.  The Q is just what you’ve been looking for.

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