5 Questions For Choosing An Indoor Event Venue

Published March 14, 2017    

In planning an event, one of the first choices needs to be that of the venue. In Denver, our crazy weather can make finding a location difficult unless you have flexibility in pulling an outside event indoors, or visa-versa. Whether a wedding, a friend’s birthday party, or a corporate “get together”, there are 5 questions you need to ask to help you make it a success. To keep it simple, we will go with the “5W’s” approach: Who, What, When, Where, Why.

Who will be attending?

This seems like a no-brainer, but we really want to get more clarity than just surface level. For example, is there a need for handicapped access and seating? How far will the majority of participants be traveling from? Will the guests require sleeping accommodations or is this a day only event? Hotels may offer great packages for overnight guests, but for people just looking for a simple training session, a non-hotel venue may be a better fit.

Of course, a head count is required, even if just an estimate, to find an indoor event venue the right size.

What is the nature of the event?

What is the event’s intention? Clearly this is important for knowing if you need an outdoor or indoor event venue. It will also determine set-up and clean-up, whether there is a need for a caterer, photographer, AV equipment and more.

When is the event?

Seasonality is important, especially in Denver. What happens if the weather is the worst it could be? What changes would need to be accommodated, such as cancellations/rescheduling or moving the location of the event (for example from outdoor to indoor, or to an alternate indoor event venue setting in the case of attendance changes).

Are there other large events in the area that could have an impact? These are important questions to ask as downtown Denver may be entertaining events, parades, conventions and the like that interfere with your event. The Denver Tech Center can be crowded with traffic problems in poor weather events, and school delays and cancellations can also effect the commute.

Where is the event?

This is a silly question, given you are searching for a venue, but some people get caught up in a location needing to be in a certain area. Consider what is really needed and the accessibility for the people who will be in attendance. Where do they need to go before or after the event? What is easiest for them and how can you make it even better attended or more convenient for them?

Why are you having the event?

A company can hold an event for employees only, vendors, clients or even a mix, but you need to know why, so you can create an event that serves that end goal. Clearly, a private event, such as a birthday party or anniversary, will be more creative in how it is hosted, decorated and flows- with less of an outcome orientation and more of an emotional one. Understanding the “why” helps your venue and event planner know what to provide, and not, to make your event unique.

Overall, by considering your goals and who you expect to have in attendance, choosing an indoor event venue gets much easier. Ease of parking and access, versatility in the space, and the ability to meet the needs and goals of your event are critical, while also meeting the budget you have set.

The Quebec Place at Fairmount is Denver’s premier indoor event venue, offering a variety of options for groups of 7-150 in their newly renovated, conveniently located building. Call today to learn about our packages and event hosts who can manage as little or much as you need to make your event run smoothly and efficiently.

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